Climate change, a new paradigm shift affecting global economies, air, water, and agricultural sustainability. Future demand on energy, food, clean water will double in this generation, manifesting national inequality and poverty on a global scale. Humanity will be required to work more for less in order to secure medicare costs, pensions plans, shelter and food. Prices will skyrocket by 2020, basic food commodities will be scarce and expensive.

Today’s population requires the equivalent of one and a half earth’s to support our current way of life, we are simply living beyond the means of our environmental capacity that sustain us. To stay within the boundaries of sustainability where we remain in the stage of productive capacity with in the planet’s means. Citizens in industrialized countries will have to give up consumption of a great deal in order to reserve ecological space for future needed growth in the third world.

Maintaining a secured state of sustainability requires change in the way we implement laws to protect our environmental landscape and distribution of natural resources, if we don’t make these kind of compromises we will continue to erode our planetary resource base to a boiling point where we all suffer.

Humanity needs to reduce this impact urgently, we can simply reduce production on resources that are strained or peeked commodities, further inflating economies rather than sustaining them. We can use our technology to educate and train our youth, sustaining our rain forest, farmland and rivers. Most importantly, we have to reduce the growth of over population, government cannot dictate how many children one should have, we only need to use common sense concerning our fate as a human race.

Tensions in the Middle East and Haiti for example are driven by economic uncertainty, poverty, inflation, and distribution of wealth, religious and racial indifference are only secondary. Technology and the internet are a God-send, a tool I call the ‘’Equalizer’’ breaking social-media barriers, up holding civil rights, exposing corrupt government, making this world free from Totalitarian dictators and slave mongers.

Extending life is one of humanities greatest achievements but not with out a price, born into this world with only two and a half billion, seeing the world’s population almost triple is cause for concern. In most part the population of the world have gotten better over the last fifty years, improved medications to reduce high blood pressure, vitamins, better education, abundance of food, clean water and social economic stability all help us in prolonging life.

Living a long and healthy life in the modern world have certain consequences, ’’Over Population.
A special relation between humans and resources may be applicable looking into a distant future. The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence from man, food production cannot increase at the same rate as human reproduction, demand will out weigh supply. If we don’t control human reproduction voluntarily, all life on earth will deplete rapidly.

The productive capacity of earth has physical limits, this will ultimately determine how many human beings our planet is able to sustain, over population may trigger off climatic & evolutionary changes in order to balance back nature.

Like astronaut’s, we need to calculate required available space per person on a global scale, how much food, water, agricultural/urban space, and breathable air we need to sustain humanity. These are all basic and fundamental ingredients we all need to survive on a daily basis, it is imperative we all do our part, recycle, conserve energy, and sustain agricultural space for a better tomorrow.

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