2012 is only the beginning of a ``Perfect-storm."

``Climatic Armageddon`` is just around the corner, the clock is ticking for humanity, plant, and animal extinction. “ Climate Change” will affect all living organism's on this planet, this is not just another, terror alert, coal-war or nuclear threat, but rather a condition of climatic instability induced by excessive carbon extraction & emission, over population, agricultural desertification, and irrational human behaviour. High global demand on food, oil, and gas will further cause humanity social economic unrest, heading towards poverty, massive refugee relocation, increased violent crime, human slave trafficing, stock market crash, and severe global economic depressions. Further exploration and mass consumption of natural resources will dehydrate earth’s crust causing, famine, drought, floods, desertification, increased volcanic-earthquake activity,climatic-anomalies, specie extinction, ecological, bacterial epidemics, viruses, & super bug strains that will be incureable. Humanity is now facing``CARBO-APOCALYPTIC" repercussions.

Introduction to my new theory on climate change.

To my knowledge and personal research, Earth uses it's own self sustained, bioorganic, refuelling system, a bio-hydraulic recycling mechanism refining bio-organic waste, mineral & oil over lengthy evolutionary periods of time. This planetary function is simply a hydraulic compression system, similar to a human being eating food for energy, this planetary proccess is comparable to refuelling a vehicle engine & burning gas inorder to create cumbustible motion. In this case scenario, our planet recycles (digests) sediment layers of animal, plant, and mineral deposits, then slowly digests all bio-organic waste via compressed-crust layering, finally refining this massive biomass into methane gas. Earth’s survival depends on evolutionary compressions that occur over thousands of years, this natural proccess of recycling bio-organic material is neccessary to refuel methane gas into earth’s core flux engine, thus igniting electro magnetic energy into motion, this stabalizes our climatic conditions, secures our protective ozone layer & electro-magnetic-shield


EMF conditions altered by exccess mineral-oil-gas extraction actually defines the course humanity has taken, Ex-Pollution-a carbon withdrawl syndrome ultimately determines the fate and direction of “Climate-Change.”

Methane gas created all life forms 4.5 billions years ago, a continual & evolutionary recycling proccess. Instinctively, mother nature recycles all bio-degradable materials created for the sole purpose of planetary survival and rejuvination. Mother-Earth`` is now showing us the side effects of carbon monoxidide poisoning, these symptoms are causing our climate to react violently. Further changes in EMF frequency & temperature alteration will effectivley increase volcanic-earthquake activity, Arctic depletion, global flooding, and finally create socio-climatic instability. People do not realize Earth is a living organism.``God-Created,`` a physical organism much like our selves called earth, able to breathe, eat, digest, catch cancer and disease. Humans do not understand or respect this fragile organism we called home, and this is my main concern !

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