Deforestation is the process of converting forested land into non-forest sites that are ideal for crop raising, urbanization and industrialisation. Having dramatically affected deforested sites, the long term side effects of deforestation can be classified and grouped into categories such as, human, animal, plant habitat depletion zones, long term bio-diversity and toxic after effects, environmental degradation, sustainability and social settings.

Deforestation basically involves killing trees in rainforest’s which then create various affected regions that can only be enumerated as results of the activity. When the forest is destroyed, nature has to basically provide for the loss of this void and the renewal of the damaged forest. Reforestation is one concept that is used by replanting trees, but this method has proven to be a much harder effort than deforestation.

This simply means, the rate of deforestation has not been offset by the rate of reforestation. The ecosystem and climate has already been dramatically affected by deforestation. The X-factor concerning actual damage done to the rainforest cannot be measured or predicted by modern science, this man made recondition is further contributing to climate change variability.

The world’s rainforest’s are currently disappearing at a rate of 6,000 acres per hour, approximately [ 4,000 football fields]. When forest’s are cut down, plant, human and animal life are destroyed, erosion and desertification will change the entire landscape surrounding the deforested area. A good example is Haiti, having no fertile soil due to erosion and lack of trees to protect citizens from hurricanes having used up most of the forest’s natural resource for cooking, shelter, and heat.

Most of the products we use in the modern world today come from the rainforest, rubber, coffee, spices, medicine, and lumber. Rainforest’s are harvested for timber products and to make room for farmland. We as a global community need to be thoughtful about the way we consume forest products, only support companies that make a commitment to safe guard our unconventional environmental practices. Recycle where ever possible and help keep this planet green and healthy.

Rain forest’s can be managed effectively with out endangering human sustainability, mass extinction of species and plants that may one day be used for new cures in the field of medicine, humanity must preserve these vital and natural resources for future generations to come. The rainforest is a very important and sustainable eco-component for us all. Trees and plants create oxygen that we all breathe, the rainforest also provides food, shelter and warmth to thousands of species around the world. The consumer is the one in the drivers seat, we have the power to change this world and steer these companies in the right direction. If humanity plans to live together on this earth and sustain itself for future generations, we must protect the rainforest and be responsible guardians of this earth we call home.

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